Zombie Driver New Blood Race Game Mode

Zombie Driver Free XpansionEXOR Studios is very proud to announce the second free expansion for Zombie Driver that will introduce the new "Blood Race" mode into the game. This time players will be able to race against other zombie apocalypse survivors in a brutal tournament in which the only rule is survival of the quickest. New exclusively created race tracks  are full of destructible elements as well as hordes of zombies that try their best to prevent contestants from finishing the race. New explosive in-game footage is now available while more details about this new game mode including the release date will be unveiled soon. "The first free expansion for Zombie Driver has created a lot more positive buzz for the game than we have expected and allowed us to introduce the game to a lot of new players", stated Pawel Lekki, Chief Operating Officer at EXOR Studios. "Thanks to the warm response from gamers we are able to continue expanding the game with new play mechanics and additional content without charging for any of them".


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