Zodiac Online to enter Final Closed-beta

Zodiac Online Final Closed Beta TestsIngle Games announced today that their brand new MMORPG title Zodiac Online is going to enter its Final Closed-Beta test on 12th December at 19:00 PST. Zodiac Online is a free MMORPG based on the Chinese zodiac with unique colorful manga-like graphics. The game is set in a fantasy world, where users play from the perspective of Zodiac Envoys from heaven. Zodiac Online's success was achieved from the game's alpha and beta tests with its unique features. Ingle Games has added an amazing and creative video chat function in Zodiac Online for players to experience a more interactive game-play. The Video Chat requires a web camera in order for the players to connect and show themselves in-game. Two more features will take place in the Final Closed-Beta - Quests involving wagon escorting and hijacking activities plus a daily event which has been awaited by many players. The Wagon Escorting quests are full of adventures and surprises, which means that players need to get really prepared before they take on one of those tasks. This is also considered to be a part of a new PvP system in the MMORPG. The daily event titled "War of Divine Animals" is a very difficult event where in order for players to defeat these "divine animals" and their guards, they have to approach cooperatively and work together as a team. With these awesome interactive features, competition and cooperation, Ingle Games is expecting that the Final Closed-Beta test will bring positive feedback and success.


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