ZALLAG announces its third game titled Gods vs Humans for Nintendo Wii

Gods vs Humans for Nintendo WiiZallag is proud to announce their third game created specifically for the Nintendo Wii. The game titled Gods vs Humans is developed by Artefacts Studio.

Gods vs Humans is a strategy game that takes place in a universe which combines goofy characters and the greatest mythologies.

The player will be able to embody Odin, Thor and many more divinities later on starting with the Norse mythology.

Humans were bold enough to challenge the Gods, and now it is up to the player to teach them all a lesson.

Gods vs Humans takes the player through over fifty levels. Based on real mythologies, the game presents an game-play elements mix of Lemmings, Populous and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle: My Life as a Darklord. Gods vs Humans also features a multiplayer mode for Homeric confrotations.


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