Your first chance to try Gran Turismo 5

Gran Turismo 5 first time Trial in DecemberSony Computer Entertainment Europe and Polyphony Digital INC announced that a playable time trial from the Gran Turismo 5 racing franchise for PlayStation 3 will be available for download on 17 December in the PlayStation Network featuring one-track level with the Nissan 370Z. Gran Turismo 5 is probably one of the most awaited games ever. The time trial, which will be available on 17 December offers you early access to the game and its also an entry point for the GT Academy in 2010 - a competition that will find the best virtual drivers in Europe and train some of them to become real-life racing drivers at the famous United Kingdom Silverstone track. The life of a Spanish student named Lucas Ordoñez was completely changed last year by the PlayStation and Nissan's GT Academy. He entered the academy and won at the Dubai 24H. This can be your chance to follow him and see what's it like to be in his place. You can try to beat the clock when you Download the Gran Turismo 5 time trial on 17th December, after which your best time will be uploaded to the online national leaderboard and you can keep trying again and again. When the demo of the game arrives in late January, twenty of the best and fastest drivers will be invited to a final where they will play head-to-head on Gran Turismo 5. The winners will go to Silverstone, where they will get the chance to sit behind the wheel of a Nissan 370z. Gran Turismo 5 offers an astounding realism, in-car physics and design. The full title for the Sony PlayStation 3 features the world's most famous tracks rendered in HD for the best experience and the most legendary cars in motor racing from the past to the present. The return of this highly anticipated franchise is arriving in the form of a demo time trial on 17th December, and you have the chance to be the first onto the Gran Turismo 5 racetrack.


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