“Yoga” For Nintendo Wii With Top Model Anja Rubik

Yoga For Nintendo WiiMany of us notice a few extra pounds on our hips and bellies after those long winter months. Spring approaches, and we feel more motivated to get back into shape and prepare for the sun weather. "Yoga" for Nintendo Wii offers an entertaining way to help tone your muscles, ease the joints and reduce the stress, all this in the comfort of your own home.

Brought to you by the Austrian publisher JoWooD, the new "Yoga" software for the Nintendo Wii combines all the advantages of a millennia-old system of yoga. Whether you are an experienced yoga practitioner or just a beginner, you can choose from four levels and create a detailed training program to suit your needs. High detail environments based on real world locations in Asia are going to immerse the player in the eastern source of Yoga's ancient teachings. The player can receive additional feedback on breathing techniques and how to perform Yoga poses, using the optional Wii Balance Board. The Wii Balance Board is supported by "Yoga" for Nintendo Wii, but not required to play it.

A real Yoga practitioner guides the users through the game. Anja Rubik, who is an experienced yoga veteran, is also a successful fashion model currently ranked 3rd in the international Top Model Ranking. Anja Rubik is stating that Thanks to Yoga, she remains lithe and gets perfect tone for her muscles, and her joints are loose and mobile. Yoga also taught her how to breathe correctly, which allows her to keep stressful situations under control. The back pains she used to have from wearing high heels have disappeared thanks to various Asanas.

Transform your home into your own personal Yoga studio, and work out for the upcoming Spring, with "Yoga" for Nintendo Wii.


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