“YOGA” For Nintendo Wii – Perform Yoga with your Wii

Yoga for Nintendo WiiAs from today, the highly anticipated "Yoga" from the Austrian Software Publisher JoWooD is finally released bringing Yoga experience to the Nintedo Wii users with physical and mental spiritual wellness. Even if you are not a Yoga practitioner, you will find the game to your liking. Who Wouldn't? Instead of going to Yoga classes you can sit down, relax and practice Yoga in your room at your own home. "Yoga" for Nintendo Wii can offer you seven detailed levels with real places and buildings from Asia, and custom-built personal training regime. It doesn't matter if you are experienced or non-experienced Yoga practitioner. The game features an interactive Yoga Guru, and also the Top Model Yoga practitioner Anja Rubik, who will guide you and show you Yoga tips and the games exciting other features. Players can see how good they are doing in balancing exercises, while using the Wii Balance Board™.
Yoga for Nintendo Wii

Anja Rubik

"Yoga" For Nintendo Wii might be the perfect christmas gift for you and your family. The software's retail price is 29.99$ and offers several unique features that will come to your liking. With the passionate Yoga practitioner - Anja Rubik, who is third in the international model ranking and will assist you through the game, you will definitely visit her everyday (wink). Yoga helps you stay slim and bring your muscles to the max. Yoga can also help you learn breathing techniques, which can keep you under control in stressful situations. Anja Rubik will be using the "Yoga" For Nintendo Wii at her Home in New York in order to practice every day. "Yoga" will make you improve after every each level you play, and after every each day of practice. "Yoga" For Nintendo Wii is a top quality game available for everyone, no matter the age, gender, sex or location.


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