Word Game for Microsoft Office “TAGR”

TAGR for Microsoft OfficeDeveloper based in Dallas Blockdot has released "TAGR" game for the Microsoft Office. "TAGR" is an entertaining game that challenges its players to think up describing words of the images they see.

In "TAGR", players have three minutes to scroll through as many images they can. Type in the words you think of as you see each picture and you will score points based on how many other players have used your word. The more times your word has been used by other players, the more point you will earn. After the game finishes, all registered players can post their scores to daily, weekly, monthly or "all time best" scoreboards.

There is no limit of words that can be used. Players do not have to limit themselves to just nouns, or just verbs to describe a particular image in "TAGR". They can use more abstract and creative words.

Besides the entertaining game-play of "TAGR", Microsoft Office hopes to use player's input to make images more relevant and easier to find as Microsoft's keyword libraries increase.

To play "TAGR" visit tagr.kewlbox.com.


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