Wolly The Jumper: A Sheep on The Edge… of the iPhone

Wolly The Jumper - A Sheep on the Edge for iPhone and iPod TouchAssyria Game Studio announced today the release of their new 2D Platformer titled Woolly the Jumper: A Sheep on the Edge for the iPod Touch and iPhone. The game is now available on Apple's App Store for only 0.99$ or 59p. Players must calculate the right angle and power of their jumps in order to successfully fly across the cliffs, avoiding any dangerous falls and deadly barriers. Using the Touch-Screen, players must help Woolly to quickly pass through spring, summer, winter and autumn seasons, while avoiding Farmer Brown's evil actions. Players are able to collect items such as Fruits, Candy canes and even Christmas pudding, and then compare their high scores online. Woolly The Jumper: A Sheep on The Edge features Four levels of rising difficulty with Puzzles that progressively get harder with moving platforms, barriers and precision jumps. The game features an integrated AGON Online high score leaderboard and a collection of achievements to unlock. Assyria Game Studio is a small team of seven developers based in Middlesbrough, who produced other titles for the iPhone and iPod Touch, including Picnic Panic and Bloodstream Raiders.


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