Welcome to the Greed Corp World

GreedCorp - The first game in the Mistbound universeW!Games are set to open the gates to the Mistbound universe, thus revealing some of the secrets of the newest and richest gaming universe. The world of the forthcoming innovative strategy game Greed Corp is shown in a two minute trailer, which explores the history of Mistbound.

The launch of a community website is also introduced, where you can enter competitions and win copies of the game on Sony PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The Mistbound community website will provide regularly updated news and information on this stunning gaming landscape, including the games in it, beginning with Greed Corp. There will be weekly blogs written by the "inhabitants" of the Mistbound world, providing "Behind-The-Scenes" look into the daily development of the various games in the studio. Get your latest strategic advices from the veteran Freemen walker pilot Max Brawley on how to beat your opponents in Greed Corp. Read the travel blog which describes the locations and journey of the legendary Pirate leader Evander.

Detailed information about the games is also going to take place on the community website, with in-depth articles, screenshots, videos and artwork. Users can meet each other on the forums and participate in competitions. Five copies of Greed Corp for PlayStation 3, and Five copies of Greed Corp for Xbox 360 will be given away immediately on 15th January to ten people who registered on the Mistbound Community Website.

To register and enter the competition for one of those copies, head to www.mistbound.com/community

Mistbound is the original IP developed by W!Games. It's a rich fictional world that was created as a platform for the studio's multi-format downloadable games and media. The first series of games in this universe is Greed Corp, inspired by the industrial revolutions of the 19th century. Mistbound explains a story of a beautiful world which was once rich in resources, but now, it's on the brink of a collapse.  The last lands of the universe are now at stake and in conflicts between four factions...


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