Virtuos Reaches Five Hundred Employees

Virtuos Reached 500 EmployeesVirtuos today announced that they have reached five hundred employees across their Shanghai and Chengdu development centers. Virtuos also announced that they have become the first independent company in China to develop a retail title for all new-generation video game consoles.

Virtuos is developing an unannounced yet game that will be the latest installment of a series from one of the world's leading publishers for the Sony PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS and Sony PlayStation Portable platforms.

Vurtuos CEO Gilles Langourieux said that Vurtuos is proud to reach this important milestone, and that driven by a very strong base of local talent, China will continue to evolve into a central player in the game development and digital content outsourcing in the next decade.

Vurtuos achievement of consistent growth over the past five years includes three-hundred employees in 2008, four-hundred employees in 2009, and five-hundred employees now in 2010.

Mr. Langourieux also stated that Steady expansion continues to enhance their ability to deliver on the natural competitive advantage of production in China. He also explained that they have been fortunate over the years to have the benefit of excellent talent attracting great projects, and great projects attracting more excellent talent.

After recently adding teams for online games production, concept art and CG-movie assets, Vurtuos now provides services in nearly all areas of digital entertainment production.


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