Urbanix for iPhone and iPod Touch

Urbanix for iPhone and iPod TouchA European game developer and game publisher, Nordcurrent, announced today the launch of a town-constructing game entitled "Urbanix" on the App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The game is available for purchase at the price of $1.99 for users located in the United States, and 1.59 Euros for users located in Europe.

Director at Nordcurrent, Victoria Trofimova, said that Urbanix has its roots in old classic arcade games, with modern visuals and enhanced gameplay, and that controls were specifically designed to suit the iPhone and iPod Touch, so players will definitely enjoy this game. She also said that with three worlds and one-hundred and fifty levels, Urbanix will keep players entertained for weeks.

In the game, players take the perspective of a little tractor called "Urbanix", who has to build a town on an empty field. Players have to take control of Urbanix and collect useful bonuses while avoiding the useless ones and avoid and catch enemies, as they can "spoil" the game.

Urbanix takes place on the North Pole on the Earth, the Moon, each of those locations having their own different gameplay mechanics, thus engaging players to adapt a different strategy for every level.

For more information about the game visit nordcurrent.com.


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