UKIE Supports Sony’s Battle Against Illegal Modchips for PS3

PS3 Break Desist SaleThe video games trade body, UKIE, announced that if fully supports its Sony Computer Entertainment Europe member with the battle against modification chips for the Sony PlayStation 3. Such illegal modchip is the PS3 Break, which allows users to simply play illegal video game copies on their PlayStation 3 console.

The PS3 Break has been available for purchase freely in the United Kingdom since the 13th of September, but Sony Computer Entertainment Europe reacted quickly by writing companies that sold the product with the advise to desist the sale of the modchip. Court Orders against companies that did not comply were obtained immediately, after which they stopped the sale of the PS3 modchips.

Director of UKIE, Michael Rawlinson said that intellectual property theft is a hugely damaging crime on both the individuals whose creativity is stolen and the businesses that make up the UKs video games and entertainment industry.


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