UK Truck Simulator – Ready to drive on the left side?

Truck Simulator Based On The United Kingdom.Gamers have been calling for the experience of the right-hand drive trucks after the great success of Euro Truck Simulator. In order to bring this driving experience to the United Kingdom, Excalibur Publishing Ltd. is releasing the UK Truck Simulator packed with well known UK routes and scenery this February.

It was only a matter of time before they decided to introduce the UK dedicated Truck Simulator, since the original Euro Truck Simulator was focused around the routes of the mainland of Europe, and Euro Truck Gold was merely giving a taste of the UK Motorways.

The UK routes that are going to be available in the UK Truck Simulator include London, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Aberdeen and much more. Truck Simulator Players will understand the objective of this simulator from its previous versions. The objective is to gain experience while working as a UK haulage contractor making sure your deliveries are on time and your truck is not damaged. The aim is to build your own business.

Robert Stallibrass of Excalibur Publishing says: “Having released Euro Truck Gold, it was clear that there was enormous interest in UK motorways and scenery. SCS have spent 2 years developing UK Truck Simulator and have created an outstanding product. Feedback from dedicated forums and Facebook groups shows we are onto a winner.”

UK Truck Simulator retail will be available for just ?29.99. Pre-Order is already available at Excalibur publishing's web-site. The Game will officially hit all major game retailers on 19th February 2010.


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