Two Worlds II announced for Xbox 360

Two Worlds II for Xbox 360Microsoft Officially announced that Two Worlds II will be releases on the Xbox 360® Console. The million selling role-playing game will be published by South Peak Games in North America, South America and the United Kingdom, and by Topware Interactive in Europe. The awaited sequel to Two Worlds will live in the spring of 2010. Two Worlds II will take players to the fantasy world of awe and mysticism from the first title, which was released in 2007. The game's engine and gameplay mechanics will be built from scratch for the Xbox 360 Console and will aim at delivering a role-playing experience every casual gamer can enjoy. The player will once again take control of an unnamed hero, who will find himself in a world that has been forever changed by his former enemies, who actually rescued him from prison. With the limitless open living world, Two Worlds II may be the next title to revolutionize the genre. The World of Antaloor is a mythic world that will rise or fall depending entirely on decisions and actions taken by the player, as the reign of Gandohar threatens to throw the world into a unalterable decay.


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