Two New Maps for World of Tanks Closed-Beta

World of Tanks New announced today the release of two new maps entitled Komarin and Cliff, for its massively multiplayer online action game that is called World of Tanks, and is currently in Closed-Beta.

Based upon different geographic locations, the new battlefields provide many-sided gameplay and numerous tactical opportunities. KOMARIN reflects a tiny village somewhere in the Eastern Europe covered with a spring tide, whereas CLIFF is a reference to the coast of Normandy with its lone rocks, small fisherman settlements and ! endless shorelines.

“We are constantly working on diversifying World of Tanks gameplay”, says Nick Katselapov, producer of the game. “Adding Komarin and Cliff to the list of maps will encourage players to apply even more teamwork and cooperation because they require a totally different tactical approach than any battlefields that World of Tanks has had to offer so far.”

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