Twin Blades: The Reaping Vanguard released on XBLA

Twin Blades The Reaping Vanguard Released on Xbox 360Twin Blades: The Reaping Vanguard is now available on the Xbox Live Arcade Indie Games Platform as stated by Press Start Studio. The game is available for download in France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Japan, Spain, Singapore, Sweden, UK and US. Twin Blades is a frantic shooter game, which takes place in a medieval universe filled with zombies with unique manga-style graphics. Players’ objective is to eliminate all the undead creatures of the city in order to win. Twin Blades: The Reaping Vanguard features six range weapons ranging from machine-guns to explosive nukes; Upgradable skills; seven kinds of zombies; five audio tracks and stunning sound effects; Local Challenges and a High-Score system which tracks the progress of the player. Twin Blades: The Reaping Vanguard is now available on the XBLA Indie Games just for 240 MS points and will feature free Downloadable Content in the first quarter of 2010 with additional bosses, environments and animations. The retail price of Twin Blades: The Reaping Vanguard will be raised once the free DLC is released. The producer at Press Start Studio Philippe Rapin stated that in today’s digital industry, publishers regularly slash prices to manipulate the download charts, while raising them again afterwards. He also stated that they are "players" before anything else, and hate it when someone "milks" them like that. That's why, when you buy Twin Blades, the money you invest in it is going to be put to good use to develop more content that will come for free in the future.


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