Twin Blades: The Reaping Vanguard imminent release on XBLA

Twin Blades: The Reaping Vanguard for XBLA Indie GamesIndie Developer Press Start Studio announced today the imminent release of Twin Blades: The Reaping on the Xbox Live Indie Games platform. Twin Blades is a shooter game, which takes place in a medieval zombie-filled universe with unique manga-like graphics. Players’ objective is to eliminate all the undead inhabitants of the city in order to achieve the objective of the game. Twin Blades: The Reaping Vanguard features six range weapons ranging from machineguns to explosive nukes; Skills, which can be upgraded after purchase; seven different kinds of zombies; five audio tracks and stunning sound effects; Local Challenges and a High-Score system which tracks the progress of the player. The game is set to be released by Christmas 2009 on the XBLA Indie Games at the retail price of 240 MS Points.


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