Twin Blades available on the App Store for 0.99$

Twin Blades released for iPhone releasedPress Start Studio and Bulkypix announced that TWIN BLADES is now available on the iPhone and iPod Touch with a special price for the first week of the launch 0.99$ TWIN BLADES is a shooter game set in the medieval era with manga-like graphics. Your objective is to battle with the evil and defeat all zombies across various environments. Venture through the cemeteries, chapels and the city's outsides to clean the town of all undead creatures. Skills and Power-ups can be bought and upgraded later, which can be used for more zombie-killing action while you progress through the environments. Carefully follow your energy bar by cutting and slashing zombies with your scythe in order to use the destructive and mighty powers of the artillery. The game features six different range weapons from machine-guns to explosives and upgradable skills for your character, which can be trained after you buy them. Zombies in game have different behave different from each other and perform various actions. The game also features five music tracks which will immerse you into an epic massacre. Progressive Difficulties and the Online Scores will challenge you to achieve and improve your skills, so that you can it to the world afterwards.


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