Tweet Defense for iPhone Uses Twitter Stats to Boost Up Gameplay

iPhone Game Tweet Defense Uses Twitter Stats..Community strategy agency behind some of the most legendary franchises, Promethium Marketing Group, released today the world's first iPhone game that tosses ridiculous killer zombies and your twitter statistics into a tower defense blender for a "viral juicy mix".

Designed in partnership with United Kingdom development studio GrinLock, Tweet Defense is available for the iPhone and iPod Touch at the limited sale price of $0.99.

The game features ten incredible levels that are built from easy walk in the park to devastating horror show, five whacked out enemy types, six tower types including the unique BOOSTER tower, and achievements including "Making Video Game History".

Tweet Defense's executive producer, Nelson Rodriguez, explained that they wondered what it would be like to take your social network and your activities there and turn it into a game. He also said that they ended up with a full on tower defense game that uses your friend list and your tweeting activity to impact how powerful your towers are.


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