Turtle Rock Garage Announced Turtle Rock Garage

Turtle Rock Studios Turtle Rock GarageTurtle Rock Studios today announced the launch of a small games division named "Turtle Rock Garage", which will be focused only on casual and experimental games, like those on the iPhone, Facebook and Xbox LIVE.

The Art Director at Turtle Rock Studios, Phil Robb, said that the team at Turtle Rock Studios is constantly coming up with fantastic little game ideas, and that these are games that they would love to see realized just as much as their larger scope projects. Phil Robb also stated that it would be a shame to throw these ideas out just because they are not a part of a big project. He also said that the studio is dedicated to creating fun, high quality games, plain and simple, and that a couple of their guys have been able to create a great product in short order, with more on the way.

The Design Director at Turtle Rock Studios, Chris Ashton, "warned" us to look for great things to come from both the Turtle Rock Studios and Turtle Rock Garage in the near future.

Turtle Rock Garage's first release, "Leap Sheep!" will be a game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. A fast and fun action game for all ages where players compete on Plus+ for high scores and woolly awards by leaping an ever growing flock of sheep over that stalwart of all obstacles: a wooden fence!


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