Turf Wars – Use your GPS to conquer real territories

Turf Wars for iPhone and iPod TouchMeanFreePath LLC announced today that their ground breaking game Turf Wars is officially released for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. Using the GPS Capabilities of OS 3.0, Turf Wars lets players battle for real world territories in real time, competing for the title of a city mob boss or just "Capo.". To Get Started with Turf Wars go to the map of the app, and from there you should start conquering unoccupied Turf, which have to be one mile from your Location. Players have the ability to occupy turf anywhere they travel until they reach the limit, which is raised at each level-up. They will also have to run different criminal missions in order to achieve these level-ups, as they will receive experience and cash for each completed mission. This enables players to level their character and upgrade their skills in combat for Turf. Cash can be used for new tools, Turf upgrades and over thirty new weapons.For every turf players acquire, their "Influence" is increased. The more population a Turf has, the greater influence players will acquire once they occupy it. Players are also able to improve a property's influence by building defensive upgrades and improvements. Other users, or simple a little piece of their Turf can be targeted for attacks. High Level players will be too difficult to defeat without any plans and creativity. Turf Wars also offers the ability to play together. If you need help you can invite friends or join in a group to help take down some of the competition out there. The game uses real territory within a world-wide map to create a dynamic multiplayer experience. Turf Wars is one of the first titles that fully utilize the Apple GPS capabilities. It is also the first crime game that uses real territories as a major element of the game-play. The CEO of MeanFreePath LLC Nick Baicoianu stated that Turf Wars is a unique title because it uses real GPS locations and gives users an interactive and entertaining real-time map to keep an eye on and execute their next attacks and plans. He also said that thousands of copies of Turf Wars were already downloaded, and that the feedback from the users has been positive.


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