Tripwire Interactive To Publish MSU Prize Winner’s Game

The Ball gets CommercialTripwire Interactive is was very happy to announce that it will be publishing a first person puzzle-adventure game by Teotl Studios entitled, The Ball, on Valve's Steam Platform and in stores around the world.

"The Ball" has won a couple of top prizes including the latest "Make Something Unreal" contest by Epic. It is following the steps of Red Orchestra, Tripwire's game, to make a big leap from a mod to becoming a full commercial game.

The commercial release of "The Ball" is enhanced and expanded with more great features, including a full six hours campaign gameplay.

"Tripwire Interactive is a perfect match for us" says Sjoerd De Jong, founder of Teotl Studios. "We are thrilled to work with them and are confident this deal will help us maximize the potential of our game."

“When we first tried The Ball we knew this was exactly the type of game we would like to publish – fun, creative and a blast to play” said John Gibson, President of Tripwire Interactive. “This is all the more exciting for us as the winner of the previous ‘Make Something Unreal’ contest to have the opportunity to help a winner from the latest MSU contest take their game commercial.”


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