Train your Brain with the Nintendo Wii

The Amazing Brain Train! For Nintendo WiiThe Amazing Brain Train! Is a unique "brain training" video game for the Nintendo Wii. The player is taken on a brain-training, memory-boosting journey around Professor Fizzwizzle's cartoon world, while going through fifteen different mini-games and three different game modes. The co-founder of Grubby Games Ryan Clark stated that The Amazing Brain Train! Is no ordinary brain training game, since it features elements never before seen in this genre. He also said that "You can forget about goal-less game play" with the packed quests, trophies and high scores that add the "unique" to the game-play. The Amazing Brain Train! Features fifteen different brain games in five categories - Searching, Planning, Spatial, Memory and Numbers. Searching and Planning involve finding the solution in order to achieve the objective. In spatial, the player will master mental manipulation. The player will also have the chance to improve and boost his memory with Memory and Numbers. The Amazing Brain Train! Also Features three different game modes, which are Test Mode, Quest Mode and Practice Mode. In test mode, the player will take on challenges from all the categories that are available. Boosting the brain power in Quest Mode, the player has to master any of the fifteen timed and unlimited games in the Practice Mode. The Amazing Brain Train! Also offers tons of extra features like thirty-two trophies, sixteen categories of high score charts, Unlockable tracks and much more. The game was originally released in May 2008 on the PC, Mac and Linux by Grubby Games.


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