Top 5 Scary Apps for Halloween

As Halloween approaches once again, parents will be trying to think of increasingly exciting and scary activities to keep the young ones happy. Kids are growing increasingly technologically minded these days, so finding games that will truly impress them can be difficult. Fortunately, there are a number of apps for mobile phones that will keep them occupied when the big day arrives. Halloween by Eugene Yu This app is available on the iPad and most smart phone operating systems. It features a number of different scary soundtracks, as well as spooky special-effects that can be used to make Halloween parties a little more exciting. Users can access a number of original scary stories to read to the kids on the night. The app also provides a number of impressive recipes for exciting and scary finger foods. Make a Zombie by Skunk Brothers There can surely be no sight more scary than a zombie. This app allows users to create their own zombies with a very simple design interface. Several design choices can be selected, including colour, disfigurements, scars, eyes and clothes. The app comes loaded with a number of design features, although many more can be downloaded. Users can share their creations with the world and compare them with other zombies. There is also the opportunity to have zombies printed onto baseball caps, T-shirts and drinking vessels. Pumpkin Pal by Jeff Mohl Design Many parents shudder at the mere thought of having to carve a pumpkin lantern for Halloween. Fortunately, there is now an app that is capable of creating a virtual one. Users can select from a number of facial features, settings and backgrounds. Once the design has been completed, the lantern can be lit and left to glow in the background. This app is also available on the iPad, creating a virtual Halloween pumpkin that is almost the same size as the real thing! True Ghost Stories From Around The World by Joe Kwon This app features several ghost stories that can be read to the kids at the dead of night. The spooky tales are categorised by specific subjects, making the selection of the perfect story easy and very quick. Users can also store their favourite tales in one file and access them from the main menu. Each story comes with its own scary photograph which gives the reader an indication of where the story will go. A really interesting feature allows kids to create their own stories and upload them for other users to enjoy. Scary Scream Soundboard by Hemant This app contains over one hundred different spooky sounds that can be used to scare people witless on the night. Sounds are divided into simple categories and include doors creaking, people screaming and howling wild dogs.


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