Toki Tori for iPhone Reaches 150,000 Sales

Toki Tori Major Update for iPhone after 150,000 sales.Two Tribes celebrates the 150 000th sell of Toki Tori's iPhone app with fifty free copies and a major update.

Two Tribes' cute platformer, Toki Tori, has sold over 150 000 copies through the Apple App Store after being on sale for less than a year.

Toki Tori has received a major update which features the ability to rewind time, addition bonus content and an awesome new look. In addition to all that, the game will also receive more bonus content in the upcoming weeks.

Two Tribes is also giving away fifty free copies of Toki Tori to their Facebook friends. If you want to try to get your hands on one of those free copies, become a friend on Facebook at before the 21st of May, Friday. Two Tribes will randomly select fifty people and gift them a free copy of the game.

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