TikGames Releases “Hamsterball” on The PlayStation Network

Hamsterball on PSNAction-packed, critter racing game titled Hamsterball for the Sony PlayStation 3 console was announced today by TikGames, LLC. The game is offered for only $9.99 and is coming out this Thursday on the Sony PlayStation Network in North America.

Players will be able to take control of a hamster in a ball. Their objective will be to run the most frenzied race of their lives while the clock is ticking and everything is out in their way to stop them. Crazy obstacles around every turn, unexpected twists and dramatic drops in each level will immerse and challenge the players in a new and inventive way. Hamsterball features solo race game modes, split-screen game modes and a Sumo mode where you can battle with up to six friends. The game also offers fifty levels and is sure to provide hours of non-stop action game play.

CEO of TikGames, Anatoly Tikhman, explained that Hamsterball is one of those games that everyone will have a great time playing with its inviting and humorous fun which delivers edge-of-your seat action. He also explained that with great features like two-player, split screen Hustle Mode, players can complete to see whose hamster can scurry to the goal fastest. Tikhman said that the game is packed with replay-ability as players discover a ton of unlockables and earn PlayStation trophies along the way.

Hamsterball has been rated "E" for Everyone by the Entertainment Software Rating Board for the platform.

For more information visit tikgames.com.


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