TIGA Welcomes Liberal Democrat’s Comments On Demanded Games Tax Relief

TIGA Welcomes Liberal Democrat's Comment on Games Tax ReliefThe trade association which represents the games industry in the United Kingdom, TIGA, explained today that it welcomed some news that Don Foster, The Liberal Democrat’s Shadow Secretary of State for Culture and many of his colleagues were "Sympathetic" to TIGA's proposed Games Tax Relief.

Comments were made by Don Foster in a gameindstustry.biz interview on 17th of March, 2010. He stated in the interview that he personally will be delighted if Games Tax Relief was introduced in the Budget on 24th of March, and that he will be doing everything he can to make sure nobody in his party proposes stripping it out again.

CEO of TIGA, Richard Wilson, stated that it is very encouraging to hear that leading Liberal Democrats are sympathetic to TIGA's campaign for Games Tax Relief. He also explained that it is also very positive to learn that Don Foster would oppose removing the provisions for Games Tax Relief should it be introduced in the forthcoming Budget. Richard Wilson also said that their latest research shows that out of a range of fiscal measures that could be introduced to help the United Kingdom games industry; the introduction of Games Tax Relief is the most popular, with 85% of businesses believing that it would help their business.

TIGA Chairman and CEO and Creative Director of Rebellion Studios, Jason Kingsley, stated that TIGA has led the drive for Games Tax Relief, commissioned research to support the case and provided a substantive and detailed report on how the tax measure should be implemented. He also explained that they stand ready to provide any further evidence relating to Games Tax Relief that is required by policy makers.


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