The Popular Facebook Puzzle ElementZ is now available for iPhone

ElementZ from Facebook for the iPod Touch and Apple iPhoneLeading developer in France Kobojo has released the popular puzzle game on Facebook "ElementZ" for the Apple iPhone and Apple iPod Touch. The game is already really popular on Facebook as a part of the GooBox mini-games collection, and it has already claimed the number one spot in the Apple App Store in its country of origin.

ElementZ is a "match-3" puzzle game with incredible game-play features and visually stunning graphics to set it apart. The objective of the game is to swap orbs of the same color with your fingertip in order to align three or more orbs in an attempt to remove as many as you can.

Player can achieve some special effects if they align four or five orbs. ElementZ features three game modes, which are Blitz mode, Endurance mode and Training Mode. Blitz mode is the classic mode where players have to cause as much damage as possible in a four minute level. Endurance mode depends on the player's speed and skill, and not so much on the time. The final game-mode of ElementZ is a training mode where players need the greatest skill, time and speed in order to unleash the most impressive combos. ElementZ also offers players the ability to connect with their Facebook accounts in order to compare scores with each other.

The Facebook version of ElementZ is played for over two million times each day from more than 400.000 fans. Since its launch on Facebook through the GooBox Mini-Game collections, the game has been played by more than twenty million players.

ElementZ is available for purchase on the Apple App Store for Apple iPhone and Apple iPod Touch Here.


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