The Next Generation Football Game: Backbreaker

Backbreaker In-game Footage Video, Screenshots and Details about the GameThe publisher of Backbreaker, 505 Games, released a new video showing in-game footage of NaturalMotion's next generation football video game. Backbreaker is redefining the football games genre with its stunning game-play, realistic animations and views from the player’s perspective and on-field camera views. Backbreaker shows how exactly are next-game football games supposed to look and feel on Next generation consoles like the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. This stunning football video game will hit these two consoles in the spring of 2010. What makes Backbreaker such a unique and different football video game is its realistic and physics-based motion artificial intelligence and high definition graphics and environments, plus the camera angle that follows the perspective view of the player. Offering stunning game play and intensive tackles, backbreaker is the first sports video game to use NaturalMotion's motion synthesis engine. Backbreaker also includes online and split-screen multiplayer modes. With its Arcade Mode control scheme, the game is easy to learn, which makes it easier for newcomers to get along when they play for the first time. Seasoned players can try out Backbreaker's more challenging Professional Mode that turns off Artificial Intelligence and any help and assistance. In addition to all these features, the game also offers "total team customization" tools, including a logo editor and more. Backbreaker will be available on the Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 in the spring of 2010.


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