The New Guitar Hero: Warrios of Rock Wireless Controller Revealed

Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock Controller UnveiledGuitar Hero fanatics are going to be very excited to hear that the all-new and redesigned guitar controller inspired by rock music for Activision's Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock will be debuted this September. The style of the controller was inspired by the unique art of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock that players will get to experience in the new Quest Mode.

Guitar Hero fans have the change to customize their guitar controller with their own unique styles, as they are now allowed to remove and replace the 'wings' of the guitar.

Chief Operating Officer for Guitar Hero, David Haddad, said that the success of Guitar Hero has been driven by the seamless integration of hardware and software, creating an innovative and accessible gameplay in tandem with developing and manufacturing top-quality hardware peripherals.He also stated that with the new rock-inspired Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock guitar controller, their hardware team has once again proven themselves to be a world-class leader in the category, in which they deliver an awesome, top-quality and rockastic controller that will be the musical weapon of choice for all budding rock stars this fall.

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