The Island: Castaway Launched by Awem Studio

The Island CastawayDeveloper of Cradle of Persia, Cradle of Rome, and Golden Trails: The New Western Rush, Awem Studio, just released The Island: Castaway, which is a simulation video game that incorporates adventure game-play elements. The game is available exclusively at

Players will experience a thrilling adventure with The Island: Castaway, on an ocean stormy ocean with a group of survivors, who quickly travel to the nearest island, but hardly have time to make decision as mysterious things begin to occur.

"Unlike other casual games of the genre, The Island: Castaway is much more than a mere simulation," said Oleg Rogovenko, Awem studio's CEO. "The game has original characters and mingles intrigue, mystery and humor together, thus creating a thick and absorbing storyline. We hope the players will get immersed within the game world and have an absolutely fresh experience with The Island: Castaway."

The player will take the perspective of Tom Allison, who goes deep into the island to discover the hidden mysteries in this forgotten place. Players will have to learn to find food, collect fruits and grow vegetables, and much more.

The Island: Castaway is available for Windows-Based PCs for the price of $9.95.


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