The Incredible Journey To Ancient China, Loong – The Power of the Dragon

Loong Coming To Europe And AmericaGamigo announced Loong - The Power of the Dragon for Europe and North America. The game is a new online Role-Playing game that is truly unique in its own way. Loong - The Power of the Dragon has forty million players in China, and features breath-taking and detailed graphics plus online warfare with up to five hundred players.

Member of Gamigo's Executive Board, Patrick Streppel, stated that Loong has been the greatest release of 2010 in China and that they are very proud to bring the game to the West. He also said that the spectacularly detailed graphics are unparalleled in the world of free-to-play games.

Loong - The Power of the Dragon cost roughly ten million dollars to be developed, and the result is an extremely fascinating and stunning world set in ancient China that has attracted more than forty million Chinese players since its launch in January of 2010.

Players can take adventures and exciting journeys through endless desert landscapes, into mysterious castles, and along strange paths through the jungle. The game features more than one thousand quests, one hundred pets, PvP combat for up to five hundred players, and also the ability to swim. These features create plenty of diversion and excitement in the game.

Players will be able to enter the Loong World when the game starts its beta testing phase in the summer of 2010.


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