The Guardian’s Awakening Update for Runes of Magic

Runes of Magic UpdateAdventurers have access to the new world boss "Amboriar", after the Guardian's Awakening brings the new content to the world of Runes of Magic. The anticipated new difficulty levels for the dungeon, Raksha Temple, are also now available.

The group instance was available in two different difficulty levels previously, for players that are 58th level and above - easy and normal and adventurers can now also choose between five additional difficulty levels in normal mode.

Opponent values are higher in other modes – ranging from 25% higher in bronze mode all the way up to 125% higher in diamond mode. The difficulty level selected also affects the loot acquired by groups consisting of six players.

To face Amboriar, however, a full group is not enough. Trouble is stirring in a remote mountain valley in Southern Janost Forest, and it will take a brave and well-equipped raid to vanquish the mighty and corrupt guardian who lurks there.

For more information on the content of Update 3.0.5 – The Guardian’s Awakening, visit the official website:


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