TEKKEN 6 For PlayStation Portable in December

Tekken 6 for PSPThe amazing King of Iron Fist Tournament fighting game will be soon available in your very own palm as NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe announced that the development of Tekken 6 for the Sony Playstation Portable Gaming Device is complete. The game is going to hit retailers across the world on 11th December 2009. Tekken 6 packs all the bone-crushing action and combat excitement as its versions released on the Xbox 360 and Plastation 3 in October 2009 with ad-hoc versus multiplayer. Tekken 6 lets you fight for the status of TEKKEN god in the palm of your hands. The game contains all 18 battle stages and 40 playable characters from the xbox 360 and playstation 3 versions, and in addition the PSP version supports ad-hoc versus multiplayer battles, which can be fought across additional four stages.The available battle modes are Arcade Mode, Story Mode, Ghost Mode, Challenge and Practice Mode, while the Multiplayer ad-hoc features include the ability to recieve and send ghost data, which allows players to fight against their opponents without even connecting with them. For the first time in the history of the Tekken Franchise, Tekken 6 brings the blockbuster fighting series onto all the platforms with breath-taking realism, stunning quality and ground-breaking gameplay enchancements plus the largest character roster ever seen.
Tekken 6 for PSP

Tekken 6 coming on the PSP

TEKKEN is one of the most popular franchise with more than 34 million sold units to date. The exciting new features and stunning fight action of Tekken 6 makes it a MUST-HAVE! TEKKEN 6 is available for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 at the moment, while the Sony PlayStation Portable version launches on 11th December 2009 across the world.


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