Alien Breed Evolution - New Team17 TitleTEAM17 is very proud to announce that ALIEN BREED EVOLUTION Episode I will be released on December 16th - Wednesday on the Microsoft Xbox Live Arcade for a price of 10$ or 800 Microsoft Points.The game features incredible detail and amazing audio effects with an engaging single player. The thrilling storyline takes the player through an intense ride through suffered crafts and mysterious aging ships. In addition to the amazing single player storyline, Alien Breed Evolution offers a co-operative battle mode for online and also offline action with different difficulty levels to challenge all the players. Alien Breed Evolution features a long dramatic single player and multiplayer action, thrilling and exciting bosses to fight with and unexpected surprises throughout. The fantastic storyline is covered with amazing comic-book art and voice acting. The game is developed using the Unreal Technology of Epic Software, thus the title has stunning state of the art visual effects. Alien Breed Evolution is aiming at quality and production for digital download titles. It will be one of the greatest and directly entertaining modern remake of the game in Team17's history of development. With all of Team17s previous Worms titles hitting the top spot in digital sales, Alien Breed Evolution continues their rebirth as an independent digital publisher. The trilogy will be exclusive to the Xbox 360, but will also be available for the Sony PlayStation 3 and PC in 2010.


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