Tactical Intervention Closed-Beta Testing in North America

Tactical-Intervention-Closed-Beta-AmericaTactical Intervention is developed by FIX Korea Co, and will start its Closed-Beta Test for North America today, the 28th of May. Learn more at tactical-intervention.com.

The creator of the world famous smash hit action-game "Counter-Strike", Mihn "Gooseman" Le, bring his new project, Tactical Intervention. Players and fans can socialize with Minh and his developers team on the Facebook and Twitter social web-sites during the Closed-Beta testing period.

Tactical Intervention is in development for over six years now. The game is based on team play and dynamic environments which will challenge the players. Players can stay up to date by reading the latest news from tactical-intervention.com.

Tactical Intervention will challenge players with urban environments and force them to use cover and dynamic props to take more advantage for their teams.

Tactical Intervention will also feature massive levels where players will be able to take full advantage of vehicles such as helicopters and cars.

Tactical Intervention's features are made possible thanks to the latest Source engine of Valve.

The networking and physics in Tactical Intervention have been fully optimized to make the experience of the gameplay as smooth as possible while still holding a large number of dynamic objects in the game world.

Only selected individuals will be able to access the closed-beta testing phase in North America.

The date for the Closed-Beta Testing phase in Europe has not yet been finalized. Stay Tuned.


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