Star Trek Online Open Beta

Star Trek Online Open BetaStar Trek Fans and Gamers have the opportunity to explore the vast universe of Star Trek through space and ground for Two Weeks due to Launch.

One of the largest video-game publishers in the world Atari Inc, and the acclaimed MMO Developer Cryptic Studios, announced today that the highly anticipated Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game Star Trek Online has now entered Open Beta. Star Trek Fans with valid open beta keys can now explore the universe through 26 January 2010

Information on "How To" and "Where To" obtain Open Beta keys for Star Trek Online, as well as where to download the Open Beta client can be found on the official Start Trek Online Website, which is

Executive Producer on Star Trek Online Craig Zinkievich stated that they are thrilled to grant open beta access to fans as they draw near the official release of the game. He also stated that they look forward to the full launch of their first-of-a-kind Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing game with anticipation and excitement. Craig Zinkievich also said that they expect Star Trek Online to "explode" onto the MMORPG scene, giving fans and gamers a stunning Star Trek experience.

Star Trek Online takes place in the year 2409, giving players the opportunity to experience unparalleled adventures.

Become a high-ranking Starfleet officer and participate in missions that will take you deep into space across other exotic planets and spaceships. Players can customize every ship they command - from color, to construction. In addition to all that, everyone can create their own species in Star Trek Online and customize the look of their avatar's uniform.

Star Trek Online is sure to be a completely exciting interactive Star Trek universe, in which players can become warriors in the Klingon Empire or join the Federation's esteemed Starfleet, exploring the unique universe.


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I can not wait for this never-before-seen MMORPG to launch! Star Trek fans will be very excited to experience the Star Trek Universe! :)
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