Star Rangers Cyber Monday Promotion

Star Rangers for iPhoneANALOGretro LLC has just announced that their critically acclaimed 3D Space Shooter Strategy 'Star Rangers' will be available for purchase for only 99 cents on 30th of November 2009 as a Cyber Monday special promotion. The founder of ANALOGretro and lead game designer Lee Pappas stated that his team has created a great game that will be a favorite to those who adore space battles, shooters and strategy games. He also stated that they are lowering the price for the full version at this level, because they are looking for more people to join, and help them make the game better.
Star Rangers for iPhone

Star Rangers for iPhone

Star Rangers is a 3D first person space battle game which contains action and strategy elements. Only your strategy and your skills and speed will defend you from the advanced enemy Artifical Intelligence, while you fly through the galaxy defending your starbases. You can earn up to eighteen medals while you rise through the ranks of Star Rangers. Although Star Rangers is a fast-paced game, you need a strategy to conserve resource in order to unlock some achievements and gain higher scores and ranks. It is possible to challenge a friend to play the same scenario you just completed. The upcoming free updates include - Multiplayer Cooperative Mode, New missions and additional medals.


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