Star Hammer Tactics Coming To Sony PlayStation Portable

Star Hammer Tactics for Sony PSP MinisBlack Lab Games has announced the development of Star Hammer Tactics for the Sony PlayStation Portable gaming device. The game will be available soon to download from the Sony PlayStation Portable Minis Store.

Star Hammer Tactics is a fast-paced and futuristic tactical battle game that anyone who laid their hands on learned to play it in a matter of minutes. Players will take the perspective of a naval strike group commander in the single-player campaign mode, as they defend the planet Novus from the marauding alien menace known as the Nautilids. Players can also challenge a friend to a duel to the death in the local multiplayer mode and customize their fleet, after which they can compete for glory and bragging rights.

Star Hammer Tactics features include engaging tactical battles; Easy to Learn game play; Single Player Campaign Mode; Skirmish Modes in which you can create your own custom fleet and duel against a friend; Crisp graphics and sound and more.

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