Spilt Milk Studios To Design DLC For Crackdown 2

Crackdown 2 DLCThe brand new Essex-based independent game developer, Spilt Milk Studios, is going to offer its game design and level design experience courtesy for the premium downloadable content for the upcoming title, Crackdown 2.

"The opportunity to work with Proper Games on the Crackdown 2 PDLC was fantastic," said Andrew, "The team there are so very dedicated and talented, and it was a pleasure to work with them on such an anticipated project. Seeing what we came up with, I can’t wait to play it with the fans online – there’s some great content coming!"

According to Paddy Sinclair, CEO at Proper Games, "Bringing a safe pair of hands on board with Andrew and Spilt Milk was a no-brainer for us on this project as we know the drive, commitment and enthusiasm that Andrew brings to the table over and above his design sensibilities. The care and love poured into the PDLC shines through and in no small part that is due to Spilt Milk’s involvement."

With Proper Games based in Dundee, Scotland the working relationship was enhanced by on-site contracting, and Spilt Milk Studios hopes this is the start of something more for contractors at every level in the games industry.

"Having worked at several companies in Dundee previous to the contract with Proper Games, I know first-hand the quality of talent the Scottish industry possesses" said Andrew J Smith, "More and more we see games development taking cues from the movie industry and the way that creatives – not just developers – can move between projects and companies to spread their knowledge and expertise. This can only be a good thing for games in the future.”


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