Speed Forge Extreme – Futuristic 3D Racer for iPhone

Speed forge Extreme for iPod Touch and iPhoneChilingo released the high-speed futuristic 3D racing game for the iPhone and iPod touch, titled "Speed Force Extreme". Developed by RatSquare, Speed Force Extreme features futuristic 3D racing and action-explosive combat. The game takes place in the year 2142, where the red planet Mars is colonized by human beings because of its raw mineral resources. As it is enshrined in humanity, crime quickly became widespread as people had too much spare time, after which they desired an adrenaline-risk based entertainment. That was when Speed Forge Extreme came in. Speed Forge Extreme combines the high-speed 3D racing and explosive combat equally. Stunning 3D Environments and Battle modes are awaiting you on the iPhone and iPod Touch. RatSquare's Marcin Nowak stated that High-Speed racing always gets the adrenaline pulsing in your body, but if you add powerful weaponry and explosive combat to that, you will sure have the ultimate combination of destruction and speed. Speed Forge Extreme features twelve racing tracks and four arenas each one of them with beautiful 3D visuals, as well as motion blur that will make you feel the ultimate speed in your own hands. Battle in deadly combat using rockets, guns and mines during the fast-paced race, because you have to do whatever it takes to be the champion. If you are tired from racing, you can challenge yourself in the battle arena. Speed Forge Extreme uses the built in accelerometer to make a virtual steering wheel experience to the iPhone and iPod adorers. Speed Forge Extreme available for iPhone and iPod touch from Apple’s App Store for 2.99$


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