Special Weekend price for Orbital Defence on iPhone

Special Price for Orbital DefenceMembraine Studios announced today a special weekend sale price for their Flick-'em-Up game to celebrate its release. Orbital Defence is available for the price of only 99 cents through the weekend. Orbital Defence is an unique arcade shoot-'em up game which is inspired by great titles like Galaga and Missile Command. The flick-based control system makes the game more unique and more interactive. The game is one of the best in its genre and platform with its unique game-play and clean graphics. Membraine Studios received a lot of positive feedback on their title game from players. Orbital Defence features a twelve level Campaign Mode and a Survival Mode,which will challenge the player and reward him with accuracy. The special price of 99 cents will be available until 11:59 PM (PST) on Sunday, after which the game will return to its normal price of 1.99$ US. Orbital Defence proves that the iPhone can be a serious gaming device.


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