Space Station: Frontier HD Comes To The iPad

Origin8 announced Space Station: Frontier HD for Apple iPadOrigin8 are a veteran game development company on the iPhone and iPod Touch platforms that are very happy to announce their first title for the Apple iPad platform. Entitled "Space Station: Frontier HD", the new game for the Apple iPad is a port of their acclaimed, mixed with real-time strategy and tower defense elements "Space Station: Frontier", but upgraded with new graphics and an interface which is optimized for the display of the Apple iPad,

The upgrades and improvements in the new "Space Station: Frontier HD" for the Apple iPad include a detailed high definition graphics that look great even when zoomed at maximum capacity, a very smooth rotation which flips from landscape to portrait mode and back instantly, and a redesigned interface which is optimized for the Apple iPad in both orientations. Some of the new improvements also include new backdrops that make the most of the Apple iPad's high resolution display, and a new minimap which will give an overview of structures, resources and enemies.

An upcoming update for both versions of "Space Station: Frontier" was also announced by Origin8, that will add a competitive head-to-head multi player mode.

"Space Station: Frontier HD" for Apple iPad is now available for only $4.99 on the iTunes App Store. For more information please visit


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