Slide Colors now available on Xbox Live Indie Games

Slide Colors for Xbox Live Indie Games for Only 80 Microsoft PointsTayKrOn Games is very proud to announce the release of Slide Colors. Slide Colors is a greatly polished puzzle game available on the Xbox Live Indie Games at the incredible price of only 80 MS Points.

Slide Colors features a new and original game mechanic which offers a unique game play based on the combination of various elements of the same color with the use of special items. The game also features a challenging puzzle mode in which your objective is to move each color in the correct place before the time runs out.

Slide Colors includes three different game modes and one hundred levels for each mode plus two levels of difficulty. Get ready to take on the Puzzle Mode, Time Attack Mode and Clear Blocks Mode. The game also includes eight unlockable achievements.

Slide Colors offers more than fifty hours of playability for only 80 MS points.


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