Shiva 3D Web Player Surpasses Three Million Downloads

Shiva 3D surpasses three million downloadsLeading 3D engine company for games and 3D applications, Stonetrip, announced that their recently released Web Player has already surpassed three Million downloads. The ShiVa web player sets the standard for compatibility and features a single click installation procedure. It is compatible with more eighty percent of all computers in operation today plus full compatibility with all the browsers out there. ShiVa 3d is one of the fastest growing engine technologies around.

CEO of Stonetrip Philip Belhassen explained that the response to their business model has been phenomenal, and that they had a lot of interest because of their single license for all platforms and the inclusion of PC, Max, Web, Linux, iPhone, Android and future platforms. He also explained that the rapid growth of the Web player's installation is another sign of the interest in ShiVa as a leading development platform. Philip said that they will continue to increase the compatibility of the player to reach the widest possible audience.

One thing that has always been a headache for end users is the installation of plug-ins, which includes downloading complex files and installing them, restarting the browser and more. Due to a lack of administrator rights most of the times, the user is unable to view the content after installing. This is a big risk to companies considering the inclusion of 3D content on their sites. StoneTrip is now able to provide a real solution after years of research and development, by making content created with its ShiVa 3D solution instantly accessible on more than eighty percent of all the computers worldwide.


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