ShiVa 3D Becomes First Game Development Engine for Palm webOS

ShiVa 3D palmOS supportThe leading developer of 3D engine for games and 3D applications, Stonetrip, announced that ShiVa 3D, its popular engine technology, now supports the Palm webOS platform, which makes it the first engine that enables development across platforms.

Stonetrip has added four new platforms over the past two months including iPad, Wii and Android.

With the support of Palm webOS, and with more upcoming platforms support, ShiVa 3D is the fastest growing development tool for games and 3D applications.

CEO of Stonetrip, Philip Belhassen, said that being first on Android, first on iPad and now first on webOS is a testament to their tech team and their ability to bring the technology where the community wants to develop. He also stated that for developers, being on platforms early gives a competitive advantage in establishing yourself before the inevitable land rush that they see on each new platform, and that ShiVa gives the developers that extra edge in the marketplace.


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