Shattered Horizon Firepower Weapons Package Release Date

Shattered Horizon Firepower Weapons Pack Free DLCDeveloper Futuremark Games Studio confirmed today that the next big downloadable content expansion pack for Shattered Horizon will be released on the 5th of May, 2010. The new free Downloadable Content Firepower pack will add a variety of new weapons and grenades to the Windows-Based PC exclusive multiplayer first-person shooter. A new trailer that was released today shows the weapons in action.

The Firepower Package will be free for all players, like all previous Downloadable Contents from Futuremark Games Studio.

Producer at Futuremark Games Studio, Jaakko Haapasalo, explained that the release of the Firepower weapons pack on the 5th of May, 2010 will mark the six month anniversary of Shattered Horizon and the second time that they have made a major addition to the game. He also said that introducing additional weapons has been a popular request from the Shattered Horizon community and that they are excited to provide players with new ways to enjoy Shattered Horizon’s zero gravity combat.

Shattered Horizon takes place after a catastrophic explosion took place on the Moon and filled the space near the Earth with billions of tons of rocky debris. Teams of players fight in the zero gravity to control the limited supplies that are needed to survive in the cold of space.

Futuremark Games Studio doubled the number of maps in the game in February 2010, with the release of the free downloadable content named "Moonrise". With the new free Firepower weapons package, the game will grow again, and new different styles of play will be born.


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