Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter Free This Weekend on Steam

Free Serious Sam HDCroteam announced that their high definition first-person shooter, Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter, is going to be free for all users on Valve's Steam Platform throughout the weekend, from the 8th of July, to the 11th of July, 2010.

Steam users around the world will be able to play and experience all the new multiplayer modes of the game with up to sixteen players.

Modes like Cooperative Survival, My Burden and Beast Hunt, and also the classic DeathMatch and Campaign Cooperative Modes will be available.

“This is total bull****,” said Fork Parker, Chief Financial Officer at Devolver Digital. “How are we supposed to make any money by giving away our sweet multiplayer juice for free?”

Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter will also have its price cut by fifty percent during the free weekend. The game will cost only 10 USD, which is great value.

“God****it,” replied Fork when asked for further commentary.


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