Save The Scribbles on Xbox 360

Scribble Defense for Xbox 360 soon.The Scribbles are protected by a powerful Scribble Meister who is using powerful towers to dispatch those who try to present danger on them, while they live a dark and lonely life.

Protect your Scribbles by manipulating your enemies with towers that can destroy and debuff them too. The Scribble Meister has enough power to influence the predestined path that the enemies are taking.

The game, Scribble Defense, will soon be released on the Xbox LIVE Indie Games for the Xbox 360 video game console.

The game's features will include: The ability to reposition enemy waypoints to their advantage; Dynamic waypoints make the game challenging by constantly shifting their position thus changing the path of the enemies; Puzzle elements have been infused with the map design, making players think beyond just placing towers by making the playing field more dynamic with pre-placed towers, and interesting tower powers; Players are encouraged to move around the battlefield to collect money and power up their towers with their presence.


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