Runes of Magic wins Nine Reader’s and Editor’s Choice Awards

Runes of Magic wins Nine awards for best mmo of 2009Frogster announced today that the votes for Reader's and Editor's Choice Awards at have been cast. The winner with best score for either of the awards is Runes of Magic. The polls were overwhelmed by the massive community of Runes of Magic, creating conflicts between the game and all the other Multi-Massive-Online games launched in 2009.

CEO of Frogster America Lars Koschin thanks all players who supported them and helped Runes of Magic become the top MMO game of the year 2009. He also stated that Runes of Magic has more than two and a half million registered accounts, making the community a strong massive "force", passionate about the game.

The nine awards won by the Runes of Magic MMO include:
• Reader’s Choice Best Crafting in a 2009 MMO
• Reader’s Choice Best PvP in a 2009 MMO
• Reader’s Choice Best Capacity for Roleplay in a 2009 MMO
• Reader’s Choice Best Free-to-Play MMO of 2009
• Reader’s Choice Best Visuals/Graphics
• Reader’s Choice Best MMO Studio of 2009 (Frogster)
• Reader’s Choice Best Launch of 2009
• Staff Choice Best Launch of 2009
• Reader’s Choice Overall Best New MMO of 2009

Runes of Magic is a free-to-play MMORPG which has redefined the standard in game play, entertainment and quality. The game has an exciting multi-layered storyline, which is driven by more than two-thousand and three-hundred quests set in a fantasy world called Taborea. Runes of Magic has attracted more than two and a half million users since today, making it one of the most successful games in the "Free-To-Play" MMO scene. Runes of Magic is a must-play game for all RPG and MMORPG fans worldwide. Developer of Runes of Magic Runewaker expands the game world with free downloadable content and challenges regularly.

Runes of Magic features a dual class system with eight classes and elite skill; Customizable Player Housing and Guild Castles; Multi-Layered Storyline through two-thousand and three-hundred unique quests; PvP arenas and duels on the battlefield; Easy Traveling using portal stones; Challenging bosses in extensive and dangerous dungeons with up to thirty-six simultaneous players; Entertaining Mini-Games; Customizable Items; Regular free updates and new game content. Last but not least, the greatest feature of all: Runes of Magic is free-to-play with no monthly subscriptions, with a free download and registration.


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